May 15, 2016

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As of immediately, the international sales and marketing activities of the wax manufacturer KahlWax are being stepped up: the new team around Martina Heldermann combines the skills of technical sales, application technology, and marketing. 

The constant growth of the company, which was founded in 1948, and new customer demands had necessitated the restructuring. Martina Heldermann, who has worked for the Trittau-based company since September 2013, runs the newly established Technical Marketing Department as technical director. In this position she is in charge of the technical support of the worldwide distributor network and international key accounts as well as the market launch of new products. Jointly with her team she also handles the external presentation of the company. 

Martina Heldermann has many years of experience in the cosmetics industry. Before starting at KahlWax as international sales & technical manager, she was sales & marketing manager Europe at the Inolex Chemical Company. Prior to that she worked for CLR for five years, where she switched from the position of key account manager to marketing and sales, and was appointed director global marketing & sales Germany. Martina Heldermann majored in food technology engineering at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences, with a special focus on cosmetics technology. After her graduation she gathered experience in application technology and product development. 

Natalie Köster began her training at KahlWax as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade in August 2010. Having earned her B.A. in technology of cosmetics and detergents at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University for Applied Sciences, she is now a technical manager in international personal care and technical consultation. 

Claudia Bernhardt has supported the team as personal care applications scientist since September 2015. After completing her studies of technology of cosmetics and detergents at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences, she worked for BCM Kosmetik GmbH in Dietzenbach for a number of years, where she was mainly responsible for the development of decorative cosmetic products. In her new position she manages application technology, testing new KahlWax products prior to their market launch and developing innovative formulations for the entire personal care segment. 

Susanna Diehm has been the company’s marketing manager since July 2015. Previously the business economist and media designer had gathered several years of marketing experience in the area of B2B with international companies. In her position she will manage the company’s entire marketing activities.

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