July 07, 2019

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KahlWax is led by a team of two managing directors CEO Dr. Matthias Seemann and CFO Tanja Tegner. They are complemented by three department managers in guiding the company.

Martina Heldermann as Technical Director is responsible for the application lab, technical customer support, product and innovation management, marketing, regulatory affairs and sample shipping.

Karsten Fries (on the far right) entered KahlWax in March of 2019 as Production Director and is responsible for production and warehouse. Due to his many years of experience as production and factory manager in the field of food systems for national and international projects, he ideally complements our KahlWax team.

Furthermore, we are pleased to welcome Michael Elsner (on the far left) as Global Sales Director and part of the management team, who is in charge of the sales departments for the global and DACH region as well as the customer service. Before joining KahlWax in June 2019, he worked many years in leading positions in both sales and marketing.

We wish both gentlemen a good start and great success with their new challenges!

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