August 12, 2018

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Besides our lovely Jasmine Wax, we do offer another flower wax: 6692 Rose Wax!

This medium soft, pale green wax naturally has the elegant fragrance of roses. It is easily incorporated into emulsions and improves smoothness, and texture, while also leading to a richer, more substantial skin feel. It works perfectly as a viscosity enhancer in anhydrous formulations like lipsticks, and pencils. Due to its moisturizing and protecting properties, is especially suited for mature and demanding as well as dry skin types. We also added two new Rose Wax Formulations: "A basketful of roses" and "Blossom magic cream"


Apart from this, KahlWax also launched two brand-new waxes this year:

6614 Tea Wax: a soft, naturally scented wax derived from the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis), which combines the smooth skin feel of an emollient and the viscosity enhancing properties of a classic wax

and 2225 Phyto Wax: a completely natural and vegan alternative to beeswax, easy to incorporate into any formulation, and mild in scent and color.


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Hello Coco!

Our new KahlJelly 7038 Coco is a special blend based on coconut oil, which offers multifunctional activity and is suitable for vegan and natural formulations. The cost-effective jelly has silky soft skin feel and can be used to balance hardness and enhance pay-off.

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