November 01, 2016

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In general sustainability is composed of three pillars: environment, economy, and society. For example, the pillar "ecological sustainability" describes the careful handling of natural resources in order to maintain our planet for future generations. This includes climate protection, preservation of biodiversity, and the maintenance of the landscape in its original form.

Commonly used waxes, such as beeswax or leaf, fruit peel, seed, bran, hull, and flower waxes, are of regrowth origin. But to ensure their sustainability, the complete supply chain must be reviewed, with a special focus on sourcing. When it comes to natural waxes, the criteria for sustainability should include the use of renewable resources as well as the assurance that flora and fauna are not damaged during harvesting or by the creation of new plantations.

Specifically the production of sunflower seed and rice bran wax creates a value chain, as the crude materials that would normally be disposed of are used beneficially. 

Both are industrially processed waxes. In terms of volume (11.5 million per month and year), sunflower seed oil is the fourth most important vegetable oil in the world (after palm, soy, and rapeseed oil). Unrefined sunflower seed oil, which is obtained by cold pressing and extracting hulled seeds, contains approximately 0.3% wax. The wax used to be discarded together with other residues and impurities. Its use is therefore a kind of very environmentally friendly recycling.

Rice bran oil can be obtained by extracting or pressing the hard outer brown layer (husk) of the rice grain after it has been separated from the grain. The first step in the refining process is the dewaxing of the rice bran oil, which results in two products: the dewaxed oil and a crude wax. The latter can be further refined to obtain rice bran wax. It is mainly used in the cosmetic and related industries. When the producer of the edible oil does not find a potential customer, the wax is discarded.

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