September 01, 2020

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A rather unexpected utilization of oranges is found in KahlWax’s new specialty: a natural fruit wax derived from the peel of oranges. The raw material is paired with berry wax, another natural fruit wax, to create a product that combines skin-caring with texture-enhancing and stabilizing properties. The resulting KahlWax 6698 Orange is a versatile cosmetic raw material with a distinctive citrus scent, which is suitable for hair and skin care products, where it provides smoothness, combability, and shine, and for color cosmetics where it improves gloss and color brilliance. Due to the current situation, the official market launch was postponed to September and is now taking place digitally.

The semi-solid orange peel wax surrounds the fruit, protecting it against environmental influences like high temperatures and insects. Berry wax is a soft, pale wax derived from berry fruit peels of the Rhus Verniciflua tree. Due to its unique structure, it is able to reinforce crystal structures, thus increasing the texture and hardness of KahlWax 6698 Orange to ease its use. Berry wax additionally improves sensorial attributes and works as a re-fatting agent.

KahlWax 6698 Orange is of certified halal quality, vegan and meets the requirements of current natural cosmetic standards.


Our shining example

The newest addition to our portfolio, KahlResin 1218 Eco, is a transparent and colorless, high viscous emollient which provides gloss, viscosity and a variety of other benefits. The cost-effective, high-performance product is suitable for a wide range of cosmetic products and budgets.

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