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HC-LEN-022-01 | Golden Coconut | hair mask

Repair damaged hair in only five minutes with this deep conditioning hair mask. Enriched with nourishing KahlJelly 7038 Coco, this formula coats hair in a thin protective film without weighting them down.

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HC-STY-028-04 | Avengers – Infinity Molding Cream | W/O styling cream

Vegan styling cream with strong shine and flexible hold which tames flyaways and nourishes dry hair. Perfect for molding natural looks for short, curly or straight hair, which can be secured with a little hairspray.

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HC-STY-029-03 | Malibu Beach | hair styling pomade

This classic soft pomade with a smooth texture is easy to use and provides high shine and medium hold. KahlJelly 7038 Coco nourishes the hair and improves the spreadability of the formulation.

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HC-STY-025-02 | Black Panther – Vibranium Pomade | styling pomade

Combining good hold with medium shine, this water-free and vegan pomade has a pleasantly creamy consistency and provides a healthy, vibrant shine to hair.

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Hello Coco!

Our new KahlJelly 7038 Coco is a special blend based on coconut oil, which offers multifunctional activity and is suitable for vegan and natural formulations. The cost-effective jelly has silky soft skin feel and can be used to balance hardness and enhance pay-off.

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