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SC-LIP-036-02 | Substantial care | lip repair balm

Provide instant relief to dry, chapped, or cracked lips with this repair balm. The soft formula with semi-matte finish forms a comfortable, flexible protective layer on the lips, that locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated.

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SC-LIP-004-07 | Coconut Kisses | W/O lip balm

A creamy and smooth lip balm, which glides on effortlessly for well-groomed and soft lips. Enriched with KahlJelly 7038 Coco, it nourishes and protects the delicate skin of the lips.

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SC-LIP-035-09 | Daily essential lip balm | intense colored lip balm

This highly-pigmented lip balm has a glossy, non-sticky, and pleasantly creamy finish that'll make you forget about your lipsticks. It provides moisture and care, so lips stay soft with gorgeous, buildable color all day long.

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CC-LIP-049-01 | Bahama Mama | lip gloss

This nourishing lip gloss tints the lips with a subtle rose color, smooths fine wrinkles, and gives a natural, semi-glossy finish. The non-sticky formula is comfortable to wear and perfectly suited for everyday use.

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Hello Coco!

Our new KahlJelly 7038 Coco is a special blend based on coconut oil, which offers multifunctional activity and is suitable for vegan and natural formulations. The cost-effective jelly has silky soft skin feel and can be used to balance hardness and enhance pay-off.

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