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SC-HAN-011-01 | Piña Colada | solid hand cream

Gently rub this hand cream bar over the skin to release nourishing oils and protective ingredients. The delicate texture absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple with a delightful coconut scent. The bar is also great for travelling.

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SC-FAC-031-04 | After shave routine | after shave balm

This fast absorbing formula soothes the skin and prevents irritation after shaving. KahlWax 2811 adds texture and promotes a dry, non-greasy skin feel, while KahlJelly 7037 nourishes and comforts the skin.

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SC-FAC-030-05 | Must-have lotion | W/O cold cream

Thanks to its high water content, this face cream delivers cooling hydration and comfort to dry and sensitive skin. The rich formula also builds a protective layer against cold, dry air, and wind, which protects the skin from moisture loss, keeping it plump and supple.

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SC-EYE-003-01 | Daily hero | eye cream

Protect and moisturize the delicate eye area with this rich cream, while the delightful scent of coffee soothes the mind. The contained caffeine supports microcirculation and reduces puffiness for bright, fresh, and radiant eyes.

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