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SC-BOD-065-02 | Skin maintenance basis | shaving stick

Simply rub this shaving stick onto damp skin to create a fine and creamy foam, suitable for shaving face and body. Perfect for travelling, this formula offers a convenient and pampering shaving experience.

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SC-BOD-051-06 | Don’t compare apples and oranges | body butter

This rich body butter features a velvety smooth texture that melts upon skin contact. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients, like KahlWax 6698 Orange, it is perfectly suited to nourish dry skin.

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SC-BOD-042-06 | Land of milk, honey and orange | massage balm

Escape into another world with this relaxing massage balm. The nourishing formula combines sweet and invigorating orange fragrances with a pleasantly smooth and rich texture.

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SC-HAN-005-04 | DÄMPA | hand cream

Nourishing the skin with each application - thanks to ingredients like almond oil and KahlComplex 6427 Megasoft - this light hand cream can be used to your heart's content.

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Hello Coco!

Our new KahlJelly 7038 Coco is a special blend based on coconut oil, which offers multifunctional activity and is suitable for vegan and natural formulations. The cost-effective jelly has silky soft skin feel and can be used to balance hardness and enhance pay-off.

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