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SC-LIP-044-02 | Ductile Duckface | natural lip balm

This glossy balm applies with ease, moisturizes, and softens lips for that perfect selfie moment. The everyday formula not only provides soothing and nourishing care, but also forms a protective barrier against external influences.

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SC-BOD-052-04 | Limber Limbs | body balm

This on-the-go moisture boost fits conveniently in any pocket and provides instant skin care and hydration. The milky-white body balm is water-free and has a very pleasant, neither sticky nor greasy, texture - perfect for all-day use.

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SC-HAN-011-04 | Flirtatious Fingers | solid hand cream

Keep your hands looking beautiful from wrist to fingertips with this nourishing, delicate cream bar that melts upon application and absorbs quickly. The elegant formula is naturally colored with kaolin and is suitable even for very detailed molds.

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CC-LIP-023-08 | Perky Pearl | lipstick

This lipstick glides on effortlessly and delivers vivid color with a satin-soft finish. The contained KahlWax 2227 improves texture and builds a protective layer on the skin.

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Discover our new Beeswax Alternative!

Our brand-new KahlWax 2227 Megaveggie is a natural, vegan, and cost-effective alternative to beeswax. Based on rice wax and coconut oil, this product with neutral scent and a light color, can be used to improve texture, viscosity and skin feel of cosmetic products.

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