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SC-BOD-052-07 | Joystick | natural body balm

From head to toe, this natural body balm stick provides instant care, moisture and comfort to any dry spot. The convenient on-the-go formula provides the skin with nutrients and forms a protective film thanks to the contained mimosa wax.

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SC-BOD-052-06 | Love me, love my stick | natural body balm

This convenient on-the-go moisturizer fits in every pocket and is sure to become your new faithful companion. Equipped with a pleasantly rich pay-off, it provides instant care to any dry spots and forms a protective layer that helps the skin retain its natural moisture and gives it a healthy glow.

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SC-BOD-068-02 | For love or butter | body butter

Love and pamper your skin with this nourishing and fast absorbing body butter. The rich, creamy texture and smooth pay-off are enhanced by the included KahlWax 6684 Jasmine.

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SC-FAC-008-03 | Be pure love | balm to oil cleanser

This silky, non-greasy cleanser glides onto skin and melts away oil-based impurities such as excess sebum, sunscreen, and stubborn makeup. Simply apply to face, massage in with fingertips, and remove with warm water or cotton pads.

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Discover our new upcycled mimosa wax!

Our brand-new KahlWax 6672 Mimosa is a natural, light colored and hard wax with medium melting point derived from the blossoms of Acacia decurrens. It creates soft, flexible, and resilient oleogels, making it perfect to stabilize anhydrous formulations.

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