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HC-LEN-029-06 | Bye bye drama | hair mask for damaged hair

This intense hair mask repairs and revitalizes damaged hair and leaves it shiny and healthy-looking. KahlWax 6698 and KahlComplex 6422 improve the texture and have a conditioning and smoothing effect on the hair.

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HC-LEN-026-04 | Bye bye dry | cream conditioner for dry hair

A nourishing and replenishing conditioner with a rich texture that helps to restore dry, brittle hair. KahlJelly 7038 and KahlComplex 6422 enhance the texture and act as refatting agents for deep conditioning.

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HC-LEN-029-03 | Bye bye drama | cream conditioner for damaged hair

With the help of KahlWax 6698 Orange, KahlComplex 6422, and hydrolyzed keratin, this creamy conditioner deeply nourishes damaged hair. It protects and repairs split ends and frizz and leaves hair easier to manage, shinier and healthier with each use.

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HC-LEN-026-02 | Bye bye dry | hair mask for dry hair

This rich and replenishing mask restores essential hydration and natural vibrancy to dry, brittle hair without dragging it down. It is enriched with KahlJelly 7038 and KahlComplex 6422, which provide texture and act as refatting and conditioning agents.

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Discover our new Beeswax Alternative!

Our brand-new KahlWax 2227 Megaveggie is a natural, vegan, and cost-effective alternative to beeswax. Based on rice wax and coconut oil, this product with neutral scent and a light color, can be used to improve texture, viscosity and skin feel of cosmetic products.

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