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HC-LEN-037-07 | Wazzup healthy | conditioner bar

This solid conditioner is based on nourishing CocoJelly and develops a rich and pleasant texture when combined with water. It smoothes and improves combability without weighing down and is therefore suitable for fine, oily, and normal hair.

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HC-LEN-034-01 | Hi food | instant conditioner

This innovative do-it-yourself conditioner combines a unique experience with a nourishing treatment suitable for all hair types. KahlComplex 6642 and KahlWax 6607H form the buttery base of this solid formula, while KahlWax 6698 Orange conditions the hair and improves combability and shine.

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HC-LEN-033-03 | Bye bye greasy | cream conditioner for oily hair

This conditioner for oil-prone scalp and hair provides smoothness without weighting down and leaves it looking beautifully fresh and clean from root to tip. The contained KahlWax 6614 Tea adds a refreshing fragrance and conditions the hair.

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HC-LEN-030-01 | Bye bye messy | cream conditioner for normal hair

This rinse-off conditioner provides smoothness, enhances shine, and eases combing, thanks to the contained KahlWax 6698 Orange and argan oil. The light formula helps keep hair healthy and in good condition.

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Discover our new Beeswax Alternative!

Our brand-new KahlWax 2227 Megaveggie is a natural, vegan, and cost-effective alternative to beeswax. Based on rice wax and coconut oil, this product with neutral scent and a light color, can be used to improve texture, viscosity and skin feel of cosmetic products.

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