It all started in Cologne a couple of years after the Second World War. Mr. Eduard Huntenburg, owner of a food trading company in Hamburg, was visiting his sister and her husband. The two gentlemen went out one night and joined in a shady pub a round of card players. They had probably one or two drinks and in the end Eduard Huntenburg won some coupons for steel. Now it was hard to know what to do with them. As he was a cunning man with the right instinct he decided to produce out of the steel cans and fill them with shoe polish. He got in touch with Mr. Guido Kahl who was a trader with contacts to the carnauba wax business in Brazil. The two businessmen decided to cooperate and founded a company. They used a cellar of a bombed out school located in Hamburg Rothenburgsort close to the harbor. They prepared the polish in the boiler and filled it afterwards in cans. Of course it was a success! We still have this entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility, always eager to find a good use for our high quality waxes! 

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Our brand-new KahlWax 6672 Mimosa is a natural, light colored and hard wax with medium melting point derived from the blossoms of Acacia decurrens. It creates soft, flexible, and resilient oleogels, making it perfect to stabilize anhydrous formulations.

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